UNFCCC Responds To IPCC 6th Assessment Report


March 3, 2022


The IPCC published the 6th assessment report Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability. Responding to IPCC, UNFCC stated that the report indicates that adaptation action is taking place in all regions of the world, UNFCCC attempts at adapting to climate change impacts have fallen short. Adaptation limits have already been reached in places across the globe and more will emerge as temperatures rise especially if 1.5°C of global warming is exceeded.

UNFCCC responded that despite a narrowing window for action, the report gives cause for hope.  With a decisive and immediate response, bringing transformational adaptation together with rapid mitigation led by countries’ plans, we can create a climate resilient society, with benefits for all.

Secretariat further mentioned that COP26 and COP27 Presidencies and UNFCCC secretariat are committed to furthering climate action which responds to the science, must collectively deliver on the Paris Agreement including through the Glasgow Climate Pact, and countries must further strengthen their pledges and urgently implement them at scale in Sharm el-Sheikh and beyond.  Developed countries must follow through on their commitment to at least double their climate finance for adaptation to developing countries by 2025 aiming at achieving balance between funding for adaptation and mitigation