No Fuel Shortage In The Country - Minister Lokuge

Shakila Ifham

March 10, 2022


Energy Minister Gamini Lokuge assured that there won’t be a fuel shortage in the country, stressing that there is a fuel load of 20,000 MT at present to be released.

He told journalists a smooth operation of distribution is in progress, thus, assuring the public would not need to be in long queues for fuel from Friday onwards.

Minister Lokuge said that another 32,000 MT of fuel was unloaded today (Wednesday 9).

Meanwhile, he also said that steps were taken to provide continuous fuel supply to run both state-owned and privately owned thermal plants.

He expressed confidence that shortly power shortages could be ironed out.

“ By next Monday (14) or Tuesday (15), the country will be able to return to normalcy when it comes to electricity supply and petroleum.”

Also by 15th March 2022, the country is expecting between seven and eight vessels with shipments of diesel, petrol, fuel, and Jet fuel under Indian Financial Assistance.

Minister Lokuge also said the government has no intention to increase the fuel prices even if the crude oil prices surge in the world market.

The payment for an oil tanker, which is unloading stocks here today, was earlier estimated at USD 32 million, however, it has gone up to USD 52 million in comparison with the Singapore currency rates, he said.

In other words, he said a loss of Rs. 81 per gallon will be incurred as a result.