A Green Light For Plastic Crisis

Tharushi Fernando

March 14, 2022


After more than a decade a total of 200 countries have agreed to come up with a global treaty to solve the curial problem with plastic where the treaty will be finalised in 2024. The invention of plastic to the world can be counted as an enormous blessing, plastic is everywhere. Take a minute to count right now in your daily life how much items surround you that is made of plastic. Then what is the problem with plastic?

One major drawback with the use of plastic is that it is nondegradable, this has led to the “plastic crisis”. Used plastic is often seen dumped in the ocean, forest which is destroying natural habitats and wildlife that inhabitant these environments.

Countries within the United Nations have come up with an ambitious plan to reduce the overall consumption of plastic therefore to reduce the overall build-up of plastic waste. The treaty includes setting rules on plastic production, the use and disposal of plastic waste. Professor Steve Fletcher from University of Portsmouth recognizes that a country alone cannot solve the plastic crisis as the plastic pollution has crossed international boarders therefore all countries need to work together to bring an end to the plastic crisis.