Rainforest Protectors Trust To Protect Sinharaja – Settlor Sriyantha Perera

Kalana Krishantha

March 12, 2022


Settlor of Rainforest Protectors Trust organization, Sriyantha Perera told to Earthlanka that the organization is creating protected buffer zones for Sinharaja rainforest from buying the privately held forest lands adjoining the rainforest.

“Rainforest Protectors Trust is creating a Protected Buffer Zone for Sinharaja rainforest to prevent encroachment and deforestation happening along its boundaries. For this we are purchasing privately held forest lands that are put on sale adjoining Sinharaja boundary and conserving them long-term under Rainforest Protectors Trust, a registered trust under land registry in Sri Lanka.”, he explained.

According to the website of Rainforest Protectors Trust, they have already added additional 24 acres of primary forest lands to the Sinharaja.

You can also donate to the Rainforest Protectors Trust from clicking here.