SL Plans To Increase Forest Cover To 30% By 2025

Shakila Ifham

April 15, 2022


Government think-tank aims to increase the forest cover to 30 percent by 2025. At present the forest cover in our country is 29 percent.

In this regard, 16,000 hectares of new a forestation would be required to increase it to 30 percent, Earthlanka learns.

Environment Ministry will utilise nine million rupees for the planting of saplings in seven districts for the next two months of this year under the Husma Dena Thuru National Tree Planting Programme.
The Husma Dena Thuru National Tree Planting Programme has been launched by the Ministry of Environment to increase the number of trees throughout the country.

Accordingly, more than 1.5 million saplings have been planted so far this year under the Husma Dena Thuru tree planting programme implemented by the Ministry of Environment.

More than one million saplings have been planted countywide under the Nekathata Pelayak ‘ programme for the Sinhala and Hindu New Year.

In addition, more than 500,000 saplings were planted on Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile World Environment Day and World Scout Day also planted the saplings. Saplings were also planted in the high watersheds of the hills with the assistance of the private sector. Also, 187,000 Kumbuk and Mee saplings were planted on both sides of the Mahaweli river banks.

Also, 10,000 saplings were planted at 10 places in the island on the occasion of Army Day.
At present, 120 herbal tree gardens have been established under the herbal Plants Program.

Meanwhile, officials instructed to take steps to plant saplings rainy season arrive the country again.

Accordingly, nine million rupees was allocated for planting in seven districts. Under this Monaragala Rs. 01 m, Kegalle Rs. 1.2 million, Trincomalee Rs. 1.5m, Hambantota Rs. 1.5m, Badulla Rs. 01m, Colombo Rs. 1.2m and Rs. 1.5 m. for Gampaha An amount of Rs. 09 million was allocated for Husma Dena Thuru tree planting programme.