Eastern Part Of Sinharaja Is In High Risk Due To A Road Construction Project Towards A Hotel- Environmentalist Sajeewa Chamikara

Kalana Krishantha

April 25, 2022


Environmentalist Sajeewa Chamikara alleged that eastern part of Sinharaja forest is under risk due to a road construction project from Deniyaya-Rakwana road, Heyas Waththa to Gongala mountain peak. He pointed out that the aim of this project is to facilitate the infrastructure for a hotel, secretly owned by a son of a VVIP person.

Chamikara elaborated that the despite tele communication towers in Gongala mountain peak and few estate workers` families living there, only the hotel is situated near the road which is being built now.

“The Eastern part of a Sinharaja has a rich biodiversity.This road which is being constructed to hotel ,going through the Sinharaja and can be considered as heavily destroying the Sinharaja rain forest”, Chamika said.

He added that the construction of that hotel located nearby to Sinharaja had been done with the help of Navy soldiers.

“There are plans to grab the lands from Sinaharaja rain forest and expand the hotel project. This is a heavy risk for the survival of Gongala eco system of Sinharaja.”, Chamikara warned.