World Tuna Day 2022

Intiqab Rawoof

May 2, 2022


World Tuna Day is observed every year on 2 May to spread awareness among people about Tuna fish. The United Nations marked the day to spread awareness about sustainable fishing practices and make people know how Tuna is threatened by overwhelming demand.

Tuna fish is globally popular for its healthy and tasty meat. The fish contains minerals, proteins and vitamin B12; and over the years, it has become a significant source of nutrition and protein for people. As it is equally famous in developed and developing countries, Tuna fish carries a prominent market value. Due to its health benefits and economic value, Tuna fish has become a victim of overfishing and now is considered an endangered species of the ocean.

As per the United Nations, over 7 million metric tons of Tuna are harvested yearly and they play a significant role in the global fish markets. They hold the 20 percent value of all marine capture fisheries. Tuna also marks 8 percent of the globally traded seafood. With this, the Food and Agriculture Organisations of the United Nations have noted that the market value of Tuna is growing day by day due to its critical role in sustainable development, food security, economic opportunity and the livelihoods of people across the world.

World Tuna Day is significant to spread global awareness about the preservation and management of Tuna. In recent times, reportedly more than 80 countries have Tuna fisheries and the number is constantly growing.

The Common Oceans ABNJ Program brought together fishery managers and scientists to develop sustainable and transparent tuna harvest strategies and techniques based on computer simulation exercises. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has also issued a warning regarding overfishing to maintain the ecosystem and the food chain of the ocean.