Vaquita: Most Endangered Sea Mammal

Tharushi Fernando

May 7, 2022


The Vaquita Porpoise habituated in the Mexico Gulf of California has been identified as the most endangered mammal since 2008. They are listed as critically endangered by the IUCN Red List with a population size estimated of only ten individuals as of 27th February 2021 by the Secretariat Environment and Natural Resources. Such a dramatic decline in population size is due to Fisheries bycatch. This group of people target endangered Totoba, shrimp and other seafood animals even with tight bans imposed by government regulations.  Other threats include, Vaquitas are highly exposed animals, as they are live in close proximity to the cost of the Mexico Gulf. Vaquita live in shallow warm water less than 150m in depth and 26km away from the shoreline. They are known to be prey for Sharks.