Massive Heatwave Sweeps Over India And Pakistan

Tharushi Fernando

May 21, 2022


The world is still debating global warming over the 20th century but still there is some confusion on this subject matter. Environmentalist have proved on several occasions that “global warming” is a fact and recently with the implementation of the Paris agreement since 2016 world leaders are committed to keep global temperature to a rise to 1.5 °C till 2025.

However, in the recent past, results of the spread of harmful greenhouse gases are visible. In India, 75% of the country is facing an extreme heatwave of 49°C while in parts of Pakistan temperatures have rose to 51°C. As for India, this is the fifth heatwave they are facing within weeks since the beginning of March. It is common for parts of India to face heatwaves from the month of May to June however, this year the heatwaves have started earlier with a strong increase in temperatures for a longer duration.

India’s department of Meteorology has noted that the beginning of the heatwaves in March to have hit maximum temperatures for this month for 122 years. This is a clear impact of global warming.