UDA Destroying Japura Kotte Sanctuary- Sajeewa Chamikara

Kalana Krishantha

May 25, 2022


Urban Development Authority (UDA) is destroying Japura Kotte Wetland, environmentalist and convener of Movement for Land and Agriculture Reforms (MONLAR), Sajeewa Chamikara said.

In a media statement Sajeewa Chamikara alleged that the Japura Kotte sanctuary which also considered as a Ramsar Wetland, being destroyed by UDA and Sri Lanka Land Development Cooperation (SLLDC) with the blessing of Wildlife Conservation Department.

Chamikara pointed out that the destruction of wetland started with the request by the chief prelate of Mahindarama Viharaya Athulkotte from President Gothabaya Rajapaksa to develop the wetland system located around the temple when President visited the temple recently.

He revealed that the rich biodiversity of the wetland system facing considerable threat from the interventions of UDA and SLLDC. He further added147 species of birds including local ones as well as migratory ones and 18 fish species living in this wetland system.

“Creating water tanks inside the wetland system causing lot of harms to the environment. Even sea water mixing with river water and salt percentage of soil increasing due to these unresponsible acts. Also risk of floods being increased.”, Chamikara said.