The World’s Biggest Plant Has Being Discovered

Tharushi Fernando

June 4, 2022


An aquatic plant Seagrass evolved from land plants 70 to 100 million years ago are the only known flowering plant located in marine environments. There are 60 different Seagrass species. Recently, a seagrass range located in Western coast of Australia has being discovered to be the largest plant on the Earth. Scientist through genetic engineering have identified the meadow to be one single plant covering 200 sq km and at least 4500 years old. It is estimated to be three times the size of Manhattan.

The Seagrass range was accidently identified by a research group from the University of Western Australia at Shark Bay about 800km north of Perth. Thereafter, the research group wanted to identify the species whether it was a single species or a diversity of different species commonly known as ribbon weed. After identifying it was a single species the research group wanted to identify how many plants made up the meadow. To do this, the researchers examined 18,000 seagrass samples to conclude that in fact the meadow was a single plant. An amazing discovery in the 21st century.