Round-the-clock Unloading Of Fertilizer Shipment At Colombo Port

Shakila Ifham

July 10, 2022


The urea fertiliser shipment delivered courtesy the Indian Government to the Colombo Port on Sunday is being unloaded round-the-clock considering its urgent need by farmers here, an Agriculture Ministry official said yesterday adding that the unloading will be completed within 10 days.
These activities started Sunday and Lanka Commercial Fertiliser Company, which is in charge of fertiliser distribution, has started a formal programme to distribute the fertilizer stock all over the country.
He added that it is under the full supervision of the Minister of Agriculture, Mahinda Amaraweera, whether the work of distributing urea fertilizer is done properly and whether the fertilizer is being given correctly and regularly to the farmers.
Yesterday the Minister inquired from the Chairman of the Commercial Fertiliser Company in this regard. Accordingly, he has informed that the distribution of the relevant urea stock will be started from today (12).
Regarding the quality of the consignment, chemical evaluation reports have been received from three international laboratories and all three reports have confirmed that the percentage of biurate contained in these fertilizers is less than one per cent.
The National Fertilizer Secretariat (NFS) has also taken steps to obtain the standard certificate in this country. The standard certificate is likely to be received today, so the delivery will begin after receiving the certificate.
NFS has already instructed the Commercial Fertiliser Company to start the preliminary work for the distribution of urea fertiliser.
The Minister has also advised all officials to continue to be vigilant in order to avoid any irregularities in the transportation of the urea Stock.
“Because the value of one lorry transporting this urea fertilizer is millions of rupees. Therefore, the lorries that transported the urea to the agricultural service centres are also monitored using GPS technology,” Minister said.
The minister had also emphasized that it is essential to keep an eye on the matter until the entire consignment is delivered to relevant agricultural service centres.