Solar Power For Places Of Worship Using More Than Rs 4000 Worth Of Electricity Per Month

Shakila Ifham

September 21, 2022


Plans are in the pipeline to provide solar power for places of religious worship that consumes more than Rs. 4,000 worth of electricity per month, a senior Power and Energy Ministry official said yesterday.

He told  that with the Electricity Act being changed recently, solar power would play a key role as it is one of the easiest option with a lower feeding tariff.

The official also hinted that the proposals of the restructuring of the CEB is in the final stages and their task would be much easier.

Power and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera yesterday said there were some 12,000 religious places of worship that are getting electricity bills more than Rs. 3,990 of the total of 48,682.

He told parliament yesterday that only 12,586 religious places were getting electricity bills over Rs. 3,990 even after the tariff revision.

“A total number of 48,682 religious places are provided with connections so far. About 36,000 such places are getting a maximum bill of Rs. 3,990 even after the tariff revision. A total of 15,195 religious places are using less than 30 units and getting a monthly bill of Rs 330. Some 11,151 religious places have to pay Rs. 1,260 as monthly bill now,” he said.

Minister said that State Minister of power and Energy Indika Anurudda was given the task to initiate a project to introduce a solar power projects to 2, 586 religious places, utilizing the USD 100 million credit line from India.

He also said steps would be taken to import solar panels from India and China on credit lines to facilitate the places of worship and low income families.

On Saturday a proposal was presented to the Central Province Maha Sangha Sabha to turn off the lights within all temples countrywide, to protest against the increase of electricity tariffs at places of worship.