Senior Electrical Engineer Prof. W D A S Wijayapala Has Been Appointed As The Head Of The Department Of Electrical Engineering, University Of Moratuwa.

Shakila Ifham

October 20, 2022


Prof.  Wijayapala has been appointed as the Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering to succeed Prof. Udayanga Hemapala, with effect from 20th October 2022.
Prof. Wijayapala graduated from University of Moratuwa in 1991 specializing in Electrical Engineering. 
He has over 25 years of experience in the electrical engineering industry in Sri Lanka. 
He is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka and an International Professional Engineer.His research interests include Energy Planning, Energy Economics, Renewable Energy, Energy and Environment, Power System Analysis, Industrial Safety and Project Management. 
The Department officilas warmly  congratulated Prof. Wijayapala on the new appointment and wished  him a very successful career in the department.
They  also expressed their appreciation to the former Head, Prof. Udayanga Hemapala for serving the department for two years in his capacity as the Head of the Department. 
The Department officials also  thanked Prof. Hemapala  for giving a good leadership to bring the department to a higher level and for taking timely actions to develop the department in many aspects. 
They also wished him as the new Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa.