Deer Herds To Be Transferred To Some Sanctuary After They Get Rabies Clearance

Shakila Ifham

November 2, 2022


Deer herds that are spreading rapidly around the Homagama area will be transferred to a protected area after rabies tests, the Ministry of Wildlife and Forest Conservation said.

A Ministry official said that though there is no exact count about their population, there are said to be more than 100 animals in a number of herds.

Plans are underway either to vaccinate them or conduct Rabies tests on them prior to their relocation.

“There are enough sanctuaries to send them but we will do the basic tests first,” the official said.

Due to the rapid increase in deer population around Homagama and surrounding areas, various parties have requested the Agriculture, Wildlife and forest Resources Conservation Minister Mahinda Amaraweera to relocate them into some reserve or sanctuary.

The spokesman also said that since these deer herds are causing damage to home gardens, the impending measures have been notified to ease people’s concerns.

Although it is suggested that steps should be taken to release these animals to a forest conservation zone or a sanctuary, since it was recently reported that rabies is spreading among the herds of deer roaming there as soon as possible.

Therefore, the Minister instructed the officials of the Ministry of Wildlife and Forest Resources Conservation that the animals should not be released to the conservation zones or sanctuaries without a rabies clearance to protect other animals already in such sanctuaries from the deadly disease.