Bananas Cultivated Under ASMP To Go To Dubai On Nov 26

Shakila Ifham

November 8, 2022


The Agriculture Sector Modernization Project (ASMP) produced first consignment of 12,500 kilos of sour bananas to be exported to Dubai on November 26.
Plans are underway to send the produce to Dubai every Saturday, Director of the Agriculture Sector Modernization Project (ASMP) Dr. Rohan Wijekoon said.
The Rajanganaya Ambul Banana Park, which has been cultivated under the Agriculture Demonstration Park programme started across the country by the ASMP of the Ministry of Agriculture, has been very successful so far, the Ministry said yesterday.
Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said that the Sri Lankan economy is suffering from a shortage of foreign exchange now. The Rajanganaya Sour Banana project has been cultivated with the aim of earning foreign exchange. It has been implemented in 200 acres in the Rajanganaya Govi Janapadaya.
The Agricultural Sector Modernization Project has provided financial support, new technical knowledge, advice and training to the farmers, including directives to plant banana seedlings in the Zigzag method, providing drip irrigation technology and necessary equipment, cultivating other crops in addition to banana cultivation as well as connecting business organizations under the buy-back scheme to earn higher income for the farmers.