Muthuraja Gifted By Thailand Finds Safe Caring Refuge At Dehiwala Zoo

Shakila Ifham

November 17, 2022


Wildlife and Forest Resources Conservation Ministry Secretary had been instructed to take necessary steps to take care of Muthuraja Elephant at the Dehiwala National Zoological Garden.

The Muthuraja elephant is a gift from Thailand to the former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga and she in turn donated the elephant to the Aluthgama Kande Vihara temple.

“This is elephant is a gift from the Thai Government and it is our duty do the best to care of the Tusker, we also believe that tusker could fill the void at the zoo created by the recent death of longtime resident there Bandula,” a Ministry spokesperson said.

Animal Rights activists recently revealed that the elephant faced severe harassment due to callous handling of the elephant by its keeper.

Therefore, the Thai Ambassador in Sri Lanka took the Muthuraja elephant from the Kande Vihara and entrusted it to Dehiwala Zoological Garden. The elephant is now very safe amid the care given by the staff of the Dehiwala Zoo, the Ministry said.

As it was earlier reported that the Thai ambassador to Sri Lanka has decided to take the Muthuraja elephant back to Thailand, yesterday (16) the Minister of Agriculture, Wildlife and Forest Resources Conservation, Mahinda Amaraweera had a long discussion with the Secretary to the Ministry, Mrs. Chandra Herath regarding retaining of Muthuraja elephant in this country.

Accordingly, the National Zoological Department has agreed to keep the Muthuraja elephant in the Dehiwala Zoo, then the Minister advised the Secretary to discuss with the Thai Ambassador and take the necessary steps.

The Director General of the Zoo Department stated that the elephant is currently in a very good condition in the Dehiwala Zoo and the Thai Ambassador to Sri Lanka who visited the elephant was very happy with the steps taken to take care of Muthuraja.