Fertilizer Bags Bought By The Farmers At The Agrarian Service Centers Are Weighed On The Spot And To Be Released

Shakila Ifham

November 20, 2022


Necessary facilities have been provided to get the urea fertilizer required for the maha season paddy and maize crops through all the Agrarian Service Centers.

 Agriculture, Wildlife and Forest Resources Conservation, Minister Mahinda Amaraweera has instructed the Commissioner General of Agrarian Development to apply a special procedure for the release of urea fertilizer to farmers based on the spillage reported from the Pemaduwa Agrarian Center.

Accordingly, the Minister of Agriculture ordered that the farmers who come to buy urea fertilizer from the Agricultural Service Centers should check whether the bags of urea fertilizer they are buying are of proper weight and release them after weighing the fertilizer at the all Agrarian Service Centers.

He  also advised that the fertilizer should be weighed and issued at the place because it appears that there are people who are trying to sabotage the government’s fertilizer system even though the agricultural centers have to spend some extra time due to these activities.

Steps are taken to use certified weighing floor scales and if required by the farmers, they can buy the bags of urea fertilizer they buy without weighing them.

Meanwhile, Lanka Commercial Fertilizer Company has arranged to seal the Pemaduwa fertilizer warehouse until the legal proceedings are completed. Therefore, since the farmers in that area are currently unable to buy the urea fertilizer they need, Sri Lanka Commercial Fertilizer Company has made arrangements to send some additional urea fertilizer lorries to the area.

The Chairman also states that Lanka Commercial Fertilizer Company will discuss with the legal departments this week to take legal action against those people as it has been found that some people have expressed their opinions to the media with the aim of disrupting the government’s fertilizer programme  in Pemaduwa incident.