Our Government Does Not Suddenly Impose Rules -Prime Minister 

Shakila Ifham

November 21, 2022


Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena says that the government will not put pressure on the people to cultivate by imposing emergency rules and regulations and requests everyone to come together to cultivate collectively to get out of the crisis.

 The Prime Minister mentioned this when the People’s Empowerment Programme for Food Security, Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture organized by Sri Lanka Hadabima Authority was held in Kottawa Makumbura on 18.11.2022. 

A distribution of agricultural products was organized to promote sustainable gardening under this programme, which was organized under the title of a sustainable garden and  a relief for the economy.

 The Prime Minister further commented on the occasion that

 “On one earth, we should all organize and carry forward this programme of gardening.  For that, the government has presented a programme for public representatives and government officials.  Five government officials have been appointed for that.

 Our country and the world are facing a food crisis.  In order to get out of this crisis, we must make this  Maha season the most successful season.  To take this step forward for the sake of the children, we need to work in cooperation and unity. Whatever is planted on this earth will bear fruit in 60 to 70 days.

These are the plans that can earn income.  This is a simple arrangement, not a large scale  arrangement carried out by companies.  Every ambassador speaks with confidence about Sri Lanka.  Sri Lanka is an exemplary country that has recovered from the Covid epidemic.  Various programmes are being implemented across the country to overcome this ongoing crisis.  The ambassadors praise the interest shown by the people in the country.

Food security can be called as a part of the economic revival of our country.  I am thankful for the helping hand provided to our province by Hadabima Authority to solve this problem.

 As a member of parliament who has been elected by the people, I will fulfill my obligation and duty by being with the people, no matter what position I hold.  Young men and women are eager in the access of new fields.  The government provides all the necessary support to those who are interested in food production programmes to make the effort successful”

 The prime minister mentioned that our children in the village school should be made self-sufficient in food.  Everyone should come together to be able to provide one meal in the school from what is produced in the village.  At that time, the imperialist government ordered that every garden should have a farm. Also, they brought laws for animal feed and milk production.  Those laws have not been repealed yet.  The President said in the budget document that there are many old rules and regulations that are not being implemented.  Therefore, it is essential that we amend the laws.  But our government does not ask to impose emergency rules and regulations to cultivate.  I request that everyone join together to cultivate this season.

 We are a country that spends billions of rupees on construction.  It should be reconsidered whether those constructions will be useful.  Today, with this crisis, all constructions have to be stopped.  Under the development of public transport, we hope to develop the Kelaniveli railway line in a way that can be utilized to the maximum extent.  Through that we can save fuel.  Time is spared for the people.  This is a period where we can save everything.  Everything should be saved.  Must be saved.

Chairman of Sri Lanka Hadabima Authority Sarath Withana, Colombo District Secretary Pradeep Yasaratne, Chairman of National Language Training Institute Jayampathi Bandara, Maharagama Divisional Secretary Dilrukshi Walpola participated in this event.