Major Land Grabbing Scam At Sinharaja- Environmentalists Alleging

Kalana Krishantha

November 29, 2022


Environmentalists allege that major illegal land grabbing happens these days at Sinharaja under the guidance of parliamentarian and deputy speaker Ajith Rajapaksha.

In a press release, an environmentalist Sajeewa Chamikara pointed out the scenario happening near the Gongala mountain range located at the Sinharaja world heritage site in Kolonna divisional secretariat, Rathnapura district.

And he further states that the controversial hotel at Gongala previously belonged to Rohitha Rajapaksa, purchased by Ajith Rajapaksa recently. “The deputy speaker implemented land-grabbing plans and illegally extended the hotel area.”, Chamikara says.

Chamikara elaborates that these procedures happening based on the Gongala mountain range belonging to Sinharaja reserve and the buffer area of the world heritage rainforest site violates many prevailing rules and regulations of the country related to environmental protection.