Why Coca-Cola Sponsored For COP27

Tharushi Fernando

November 30, 2022


Recently, the COP27 summit was held in Egypt from 6th November to 20th November 2022. The 27th United Nations Climate Change conference was attended by 92 head of states with over 190 countries and 35, 000 representatives in attendance. Although usually, climate change conferences held by the United Nations are highly sought-after events with a lot of after show talks, the majority of climate change advisors are calling this summit “greenwashing”. The term green washing is often described for products where companies want the general public to believe that they are environmentally friendly but in reality they are not.

The major reason for the COP27 summit being labelled “greenwashing” is that Coca-Cola, a brand that has being labelled one of the most waste generating companies in the year 2022 by Plastic’s Global brand audit being the main sponsor for COP27 summit. The Plastic’s Global brand audit for 2022 found 31,000 Coca Cola plastic products in 40 countries during a clean-up in beaches, parks, and streets. This is twice as many as in 2021 (13,834) and three times as many as in 2018 (9,300), representing 7.32% of all plastic waste collected (429,994) in 2022.