Urea Price To Be Reduced To Help Farmers

Shakila Ifham

March 14, 2023


Plans are underway to reduce Urea fertilizer prices further this Yala season, a spokesperson of the Agriculture Ministry said.

He made the announcement while releasing of fuel donated to farmers by the Chinese government.

The minister met the farmers who had gathered to get fuel at the Agunakolapalassa filling station and inquired about their farming activities.

The Minister also said that the Department of Agriculture has recommended 55 kgs of TSP Fertilizer per hectare and the same recommended amount will be given free of cost to the farmers.

Also, since the price of MOP fertilizer is at a high level, the government has focused on reducing the price of it to Rs.10,000. 

The price of a bundle of urea fertilizer, which was given for Rs. 10,000 in the high season, will be further reduced to between Rs. 7500 and Rs. 9000 to farmers.

In addition to this, Rs. 6500 million have been credited to farmers’ accounts at the rate of Rs. 10,000 per hectare, and another Rs. 1500 million has been given to the farmers who have not received the money immediately, the Minister told the farmers.

He emphasized that all these concessions are given by the government to the farmers to reduce their production cost and to protect the farmers as well as consumers.