Officials’ Committee To Probe Questionable Fertilizer Imports


May 20, 2023


A high ranking officials committee will be appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture with the approval of the Cabinet to find out whether there have been any corrupt deals in the course of importing nano-liquid fertilizers for paddy cultivation in 2021.

Responding to queries, Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera  said that paying money for the Chinese organic fertilizer shipment and importing nano fertilizers are two measures that have not benefited the country’s agriculture sector.

He said that the payment of USD 06.09 million for the Chinese organic fertilizer shipment and the imported fertilizer called nano liquid fertilizer has not benefited the country’s agriculture. 

Journalists yesterday asked the Minister about nano fertilizer deal, especially regarding the fact that three million litres of nano-fertilizer have been imported into Sri Lanka from India in 2021 but there has been no benefit. 

The minister also mentioned that it has been decided to appoint a high ranking officials’ committee to start a comprehensive investigation in this regard, taking into consideration the petitions and reports of the Auditor General’s Department regarding whether there has been any corruption related to the import of nano-fertilizers. 

Journalists also asked the minister whether there was any financial loss or fraud.

“This incident did not happen when I was holding the position of Minister of Agriculture. So I can’t say anything about this. But the minister also mentioned that the ministerial sub-committee appointed to look into this incident will investigate it.”

USD 06.09 million has been paid to the Chinese fertilizer shipment. Also, it must be said that the amount of liquid fertilizer imported from Gujarat, India, which is about 300,000 liters of nano liquid fertilizer, has not benefited the country’s agriculture or the farmers. These are public funds. The minister said that the government should be responsible for spending public money.