Cegelec Qatar, A Subsidiary Of Vinci Energies Celebrated The Annual Environment Day: Launched A Cleaning Campaign

Intiqab Rawoof

October 3, 2023


Cegelec Qatar, a subsidiary of Vinci Energies France, participated in a meaningful initiative to mark Environment Day on September 21, 2023. In line with their commitment to environmental responsibility, the company initiated a cleanup campaign focused on enhancing their immediate surroundings, particularly the temporary parking area adjacent to their building.

This eco-conscious decision was driven by a desire to reduce fuel consumption and minimize the environmental impact that might have arisen from organizing a beach cleanup, often involving long-distance travel. By concentrating their efforts locally, Cegelec Qatar not only aimed to establish a cleaner and more inviting workplace but also took steps to lower their carbon footprint. The outcome was impressive, as the team managed to gather 30 bags of waste within a few hours.

This initiative exemplifies the company’s dedication to sustainability and responsible environmental practices. Rather than embarking on distant beach cleanup ventures, Cegelec Qatar chose to focus on improving their immediate surroundings, illustrating their commitment to making a positive impact in their own vicinity.

Through such initiatives, Cegelec Qatar sets an inspiring example for other businesses, demonstrating that small-scale actions can bring about significant change. Their steadfast dedication to fostering a cleaner and more sustainable work environment underscores the importance of every effort, regardless of its scale.

As they continue to prioritize environmental consciousness, Cegelec Qatar remains a proponent of responsible practices, serving as a reminder of the collective power of action in shaping a greener future.