No Need For Electricity Tariff Hikes As Bountiful Rains Boost Hydropower Generation Capacity?

Shakila Ifham

October 8, 2023


Water levels in the power generating reservoirs had increased to more than 40 percent on average due to continuous heavy rains countrywide, however, a few weeks ago the level was less than 16 percent, a Senior Electrical Engineer said.
He told The Earthlanka that the current inflow is 20 cubic meters per second, which he terms as a very good receiving rate.
He also said that with the current capacity, the Board could continue supply hydroelectricity without a break till December.
With torrential rains, most of the reservoirs’ levels had increased to 60 per cent, some at 40 per cent and others less than 30 per cent.
A CEB official said that they were planning for a tariff hike due to the losses incurred in August due to severe shortage in hydro capacity.
A senior Engineer said that if the Power and Energy Ministry talks about power tariff hike now, it is simply to divert attention to the Reform Act to be tabled in Parliament within two weeks.
He also said that now the Board doesn’t need to go for emergency power purchases with high intake of hydro generation.
The Public Utilities Commission also said that there is no developments with regard to the proposed power tariff hikes, stressing that the benefit of hydro power should be passed onto consumers.