Minister Amaraweera Requests Resumption Of Korean Training For Our Agriculturists

Shakila Ifham

October 13, 2023


The Ministry of Agriculture has requested the Korean Ambassador to Sri Lanka to resume the training courses given to the agricultural sector here under the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera has personally intervened to restart training courses for officers and scientists of the agriculture sector in Sri Lanka by KOICA South Korean Ambassador Mrs. Miyon Lee met with the Minister and officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and discussed the future development of the agriculture sector here.

Number of areas were discussed, however the focus was on increasing paddy yields, using chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers, using genetic technology to produce hybrid seeds, using new agriculture technology and training of officials in the agricultural sector in South Korea and Sri Lanka.

The minister mentioned that a few years ago advanced agricultural training was given to officials and scientists of our country under KOICA programme and he requested the ambassador to support the resumption of that program which is currently suspended. 

The ambassador gave a positive response and mentioned that she would forward the request to the Korean government.Commenting on the use of fertilizers, the ambassador said that South Korea uses both chemical and organic fertilizers to obtain high yields from agriculture, and that South Korean farmers are well trained for that.

She also stated that in order to obtain high yields from other crops including paddy, superior results can be obtained by using both chemical and organic fertilizers.

Commenting on a question raised by the ambassador regarding the development of Sri Lanka’s livestock sector, the Minister said that although our country is self-sufficient in poultry and egg production until 2020, due to the economic crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic that affected the country in the last two years, there has been some disruption in those industries.

The Minister also mentioned that the poultry and egg production is now on the rise again, and the steps taken have confirmed that by April next year, there will be a big growth in the poultry industry in the country.