Agriculture Minister Vows To Keep Urea At Current Levels For Maha

Shakila Ifham

October 22, 2023


Despite fertilizer prices in the world market rising, the government has decided not to jack up the price of urea provided to local farmers, Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera saidHe said that the ongoing conflicts between Russia and Ukraine and between Palestine and Israel were forcing up prices.

The Minister said that although the prices of chemical fertilizers including urea may further increase due to this situation, measures will be taken not to increase the prices of fertilizers provided to farmers in the current Maha Season.He visited the Anuradhapura Sri Maha Bodhi Temple to meet Ven. Pallegama Gnanarathana Nayake Thera. The purpose of this meeting was to get the Maha Sangha’s advice and instructions before starting the cultivation activities especially in the Maha season.An official said that the Ven. Thera emphasized that programs should be implemented to strengthen the confidence of the farming people and that the government should provide concessions to farmers in particular. The minister who expressed his views there stated that due to the conflicts currently raging in the world, there is a possibility that the prices of many imported materials including chemical fertilizers will increase, but we will take steps not to increase the price of chemical fertilizers provided to the farmers, the minister added. Some 21,000 tonnes of previously imported urea fertilizers have been distributed, and prices have also been called for importing a large quantity of urea fertilizer. The minister said that although the price of newly purchased urea fertilizer has increased in the world market, it will be provided at the same price, i.e. 9000 rupees. He said that the Urea and MOP fertilizers available with the government fertilizer companies will be provided at the same prices as before, a bundle of urea fertilizer at the same price of 9000 rupees. However, the Minister also mentioned that the price of a bundle of MOP fertilizer, which is currently reduced to 14,000 rupees, will be further reduced to 12,000 rupees in consultation with President Ranil Wickremesinghe. The minister also mentioned that the TSP fertilizer will be supplied by the private sector during this Maha season, and the Ministry of Agriculture has taken all necessary measures to get every type of fertilizer required by farmers without any shortage.