Trade Unions In Tea Industry Request On Growing Concerns On Leopard Attacks


January 27, 2024


Representatives from trade unions are expressing concern over the lack of an effective mechanism by wildlife authorities to safeguard people in Sri Lanka’s hill country from the threat posed by leopards. Additionally, they emphasize the need to protect these animals from being harmed by villagers who resort to setting traps. Residents of upcountry estates live in constant fear due to the presence of leopards in the area. The union representatives highlight the serious danger posed by leopards hiding under tea bushes, particularly to estate workers in the Nuwaraeliya region. They point to a recent incident where a tea plucker was attacked by a leopard while it fed on a dog carcass under a tea bush. Another incident occurred in Bridwell Estate, Bogawantalawa, where a worker walking to her workplace was seriously injured in a leopard attack. The unions underscore the urgency of addressing these safety concerns and implementing measures to mitigate the risks associated with human-leopard interactions in the region.