The Land Deed Received Today Is A Strong Weapon For All Of You To Step Into The Future Development Of The Country.

Shakila Ifham

February 6, 2024


Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena stated that the inheritance of a land deed is a strong weapon for all the people to enhance their role in the future development of the country. 

He expressed this view at the national ceremony of awarding ten thousand land deeds under the first phase of the Urumaya program implemented for securing the land rights of the people which was held on Tuesday at the Rangiri Dambulu Stadium under the patronage of President Ranil Wickremesinghe.

The government has planned to grant free deeds to two hundred thousand (200000) farming families under the Urumaya programme.

Two billion rupees have been allocated in this year’s budget proposals for the implementation of the Urumaya program, and all the land licenses granted under the Land Development Ordinance will be converted into freehold deeds and given to the farmers who have cultivated those lands.

Speaking on this occasion the Prime Minister stated;

“We have reached a historic moment. The anarchy that existed when the country was handed over to Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe was an unforgettable matter. Also, we recall at this time that the President succeeded in resuming the economic operation of the country as well as democracy. He planned to recover the crippled local economy from its collapsed state.

We spoke fairly when we lost our free country with the rural people who lost the heritage of our country. After the Matale Rebellion, the foreign rulers who came to our country acquired our lands.

Subsequently our self-sufficient economy collapsed. The freedom struggle of our country took the leadership in a journey to rise from the collapse of economy.

It is the transformative moment to bequeath the heritage of lands to twenty hundred thousand (200000) people once again. Accordingly, all the government officials including the Minister of Lands, came together to achieve the goals of the President, performed a great task to fulfill this great national task, to restore a lost heritage to a nation.

The historicity of the city of Dambulu is unique not only in history but also in the world. This land nurtured by centers like Dambulla, Sigiriya is most appropriate place for holding this function to recollect our heritage today. This is the pride of our land.

With the invitation and intervention of the President, the people of the villages from this area all over the country started farming again when the country was starved of food and converted our country to self-sufficiency.

We transformed the country into ten thousand villages that could be self-sufficient.

The country proved that we possess local farmers who are in the capacity of creating a self-sufficient motherland.

It is the responsibility of all of you to strengthen and move forward those important tasks that are expected by giving the right to the lands related to the state.

Don’t take that deed for granted. On behalf of the government, we earnestly remind you that you all have the responsibility to protect the heritage given to you by the country.

We should transform the development of the country evenly from north to south, from east to west in order to bequeath the development to the residents of the country from village to village.

Many similar programs were initiated, announced and promised by the President in last years.

Thousands of women who did not have a bank account had added to the Sri Lanka’s banking system within an overnight. More than hundred thousand people were provided with the life support and welfare to their bank accounts through digital technology.

This is the program launched for the safety of your children and your families.

This land deed may be a strong weapon for all of you who step into the future of our country.

Let’s work together for the unity of all the people and join hands to move the country forward to the future by securing that weapon.”

A large number of religious leaders led by Maha Sangha, ministers, state ministers, members of parliament, governors, ministerial secretaries including Secretary  to the Prime Minister, provincial secretaries, district secretaries, divisional secretaries, invited guests, recipients of  land deeds  were present on this occasion.