Take Special Care To Avoid Unfair Decisions In Public Service…•Instead Of Delaying, Perform Duties Quickly.- Prime Minister


February 20, 2024


Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena adivised new appointees to the public service to take special care to avoid unfair decisions in public service and instructed them to work efficiently and quickly instead of procrastinating their duties. He pointed out these facts at the function to handover appointment letters to 250 new recruits who passed the limited competitive examination in the services of Sri Lanka Administrative Service –Grade3, Sri Lanka Scientific Service –Grade 3, Management Service Supra Grade, Sri Lanka Government Librarian Service –Grade 3 yesterday at Temple Trees with the patronage of Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena.

Speaking on this occasion the Prime Minister said: “To all of you who have qualified based on your talent and seniority, our happiness and blessings are united with yours. The responsibility of public service is more serious than that of an ordinary private company.

From the moment you enter the public service, you all join the service on behalf of the country along with the public service departments, institutions and the entire public service. I would like to remind you that all tasks in the journey to fulfil that unique responsibility have an important part of preparation. When we go to a discussion or to assist the public, there must be basic preparation. The information for that should be collected. The task of preparation should be started as soon as possible rather than postponing the work. President Ranil Wickremesinghe, committed himself to making the year 2024 a year of progress in development and presented a budget document. We expect the success of this program today to implement it. The rate of the economic development, which has been below zero, transformed into a plus rate. This standard has been reached with the support of the people of the country, the government service, and the farmers who do not belong to the government service.

It is requested on behalf of the government to make a special commitment to meet the goals of the country’s development, to reduce wasteful expenses, to refrain from taking decisions which cause injustice to anybody.

In recent past, Malaysia has suffered an economic collapse. It has happened due to the withdrawal of investments by the entrepreneurial giants. But Malaysia successfully faced that crisis. By combining their strengths, they brought the Malaysian economy and the administration of the Malaysian state to a very advanced state.

The provincial government and the state librarian service are coming together to move forward the new program announced by the President through the state administration. In addition to the Sri Lankan Library Service and the State Library Service, the local government libraries in our country, which are related to the administration, should be more developed. Be creative enough to develop it. Don’t consider the local government or state libraries you join in 2024 are at same level as it was in 2023. Begin to work with the determination to transform this year into the year of new arrivals.

There may be party affiliations when entering government service. But undertake the duties of public service for the betterment of the country. Currently as we are coming out of this difficult period, please give us all your support to move it forward successfully.”

Mr. Anura Dissanayake, Secretary to the Prime Minister, stated; “New appointments are given today to the public service in a very complicated stage after identifying existing vacancies. What you should do in return is to provide more efficient and good service to the public. After three years, this is an instance where the government is launching decentralised development programmes through District Development Committees and Regional Development Committees once again, uplifting the lives of regional people, reviving the rural economy, uplifting small and medium-scale industries, and reviving the construction sector.

Pay attention in that regard from a new perspective. Those holding positions in local government libraries should do something new about the special programme. In international libraries, we get links to outside sources. We can get the required books electronically from it. It is constantly observed that we get data regarding a lot of books that can be accessed free through social media. Please discover new paths as creative librarians.”

State Ministers Janaka Wakkumbura and Ashoka Priyantha, MP Yadamini Gunawardena, Secretary to the Ministry of Public Administration Pradeep Yasaratne, Director General of Combined Services Aloka Bandara, and new appointees participated in this event.