Housewives Bring More Dollars From Nil Katrolu Flower (Butter Fly Fee Flower-) Cultivation.

Shakila Ifham

March 11, 2024


There is a high demand for products related to Nil Katrolu (Butter Fly Fee Flower- Clitoria Terentea) in the international market including Europe and Middle Eastern countries.
Especially Nil Katrolu tea made from Nil Katroluflowers is sold at a high price in the international market.
Countries such as the Philippines and Taiwan have also taken up this cultivation and the villagers of Omaragama Village, Walasmulla, are also currently involved in the cultivation of Nil Katrolu flowers.
Cultivation of Nil Katrolu has become a major source of income for the households of Walasmulla Omaragama. Dried Nil Katrolu flowers are exported to foreign countries by a private company and they have been able to earn a large monthly income.
Agriculture and Plantation Industry, Minister. Mahinda Amaraweera, yesterday (10) participated in observing the Nil Katrolu flower cultivation and processing center in Omaragama village.
According to the current prices, one kilogram of dried Nil Katrolu is sold at a price of 5000 rupees. 10 kg of raw flowers are required to make 1 kg of dried Nil Katrolu flowers.
Some 60 women of Omaragama village are currently engaged in this cultivation. April and May will be the time of abundance of Nil Katrolu flowers. A woman told the minister that they can earn more income during that time. Therefore, she requested that a new building and a flower drying machine be given to them to run this industry.
Minister said that a project under the Ministry of Agriculture can provide the necessary funds for the construction of a machinery and processing center for drying these flowers.
“Countries like the Philippines and Thailand drink this Nil Katrolu tea after dinner with honey or lime juice. We can make a drink by putting these flowers in hot water. Also, blueberry can be used as a natural food coloring as well as rice, cake, jelly, saruwat, pan cake,”Minister said.
Minister Amaraweera, also said that he will include the project of growing Nil Katroluflowers to the currently implemented Youth agri-entrepreneurship village program and take steps to provide the necessary financial and technical subsidies to raise the living standards of the women involved in this Nil Katrolu Cultivation.