Apax Campus General Convocation Ceremony 2024

Shakila Ifham

April 26, 2024


Dr. Faiz Mustapha, PC, Chancellor of the South Eastern University, has graciously accepted the invitation to serve as the Chief Guest at the Apax Campus General Convocation Ceremony 2024. This esteemed event is scheduled to take place at the BMICH Main Hall on the 29th of April, commencing from 2 pm and concluding at 6 pm.

The upcoming convocation symbolizes a momentous achievement for numerous graduating students across diverse academic disciplines, marking the culmination of their educational journey.

Leading the proceedings will be the Chairman, Meerasaibu Jeslin Rishad, alongside the distinguished presence of notable dignitaries. Among them are His Excellency High Commissioners from Maldives, Pakistan, South Africa, Egypt, and Bangladesh, who will grace the occasion as Guests of Honor. Furthermore, the event will be attended by several ministers, professors, ministry secretaries, lecturers, counselors, education department officers, and other esteemed guests, all gathering to celebrate the accomplishments of the graduating students.

A multitude of students will be recognized for their successful attainment of degrees spanning from Doctor of Philosophy to Diplomas in fields encompassing Education, Management, Science, and Arts.

Established in 2012 under the Companies Act No. 07 of 2007 of the Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka, Apax Campus stands as a bastion of academic excellence within the nation. Accredited by esteemed agencies and affiliated with renowned universities such as IIC University of Technology, University of Azteca, and Gideon Robert University, Apax Campus offers a diverse spectrum of programs ranging from certificate level to PhD level.

Renowned for its diverse faculty and commitment to providing affordable education with flexible payment plans, Apax Campus prioritizes blended learning facilitated by an advanced Learning Management System (LMS), with courses available in English, Tamil, and Sinhala.

Aligned with its vision to nurture industry-ready professionals, Apax Campus is poised to establish vocational training centers across the island, aimed at producing skilled workers tailored to meet industry demands. Additionally, plans are underway to introduce job market-oriented training programs, thereby fortifying Sri Lanka’s workforce.

The advantages of pursuing education at Apax Campus are manifold, including access to experienced lecturers, internationally recognized supervisory panels, affordable tuition fees, and timely course completion. Its faculties spanning across Education, Management, Social Science, Science, and Engineering offer a comprehensive array of programs tailored to accommodate diverse educational aspirations.

With steadfast dedication and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Apax Campus remains a beacon of hope and inspiration, illuminating the path towards a brighter future for Sri Lanka and beyond.