Peacock Population Rise In SL


Peacock population of Sri Lanka has increased due to the influence of climate change, an expert in bird studies, professor Sarath Kotagama said.

Speaking to a Sinhala newspaper recently, professor said that the peacocks who had been limited to dry zone of the country, currently spreading throughout the country including wet zone and the intermediate zoom.

Professor pointed out that lack of the predators like foxes in the country could be the one reason for increasing peacock population.

“Peacocks have been spreading throughout the country. It’s clear this is a result of ongoing climate change situation of the country.”, he said.

He further emphasized that if peacocks are spreading throughout the country,” culling” can also be used as a biological tool to decrease the population.

“Same thing happened in Australia when the camel population increased. They used” culling” as a method to decrease the camel population. Likewise, if increasing peacock population become a threat,Sri Lanka can also use the culling to decrease it.”, he said.

He noted that it is difficult to come to a conclusion due to the lack of statistic evidences regarding peacock population in Sri Lanka.