Recruitment Of  Grama Niladhari Officers For  3000 Vacancies Will Be Expedited..

Shakila Ifham

December 22, 2023


The newly constructed Wattala Divisional Secretariat was vested with the public by Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena recently. The Ministry of Public Administration, Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government has taken necessary steps to shift the Wattala Divisional Secretariat, which has been carried out in a temporary location, to a new building with better facilities.

Speaking on this occasion the Prime Minister stated that-

It is time for us to end the unpleasant era and get ready to step on the threshold of an optimistic future. All the government institutions have been entrusted with a great responsibility in this concern. The government had to bear a huge cost to construct the building of the Divisional Secretariat, which was handed over to the people today.

From now onwards, the responsibility of this staff is to do optimum justice for the money spent. From the Divisional Secretary to the Graduate Development Officers, everyone should be lined up to achieve this target .

It has not been 3 years since about 50,000 employees were recruited for the development officer service. But there are still thousands of households at various regions from which house assessments were not collected so far. If we had thought and acted innovatively, there would not have been any possibility for such mistakes. This cannot happen when we have a group of officials employed in this field. The mechanism which runs from the Grama Niladhari  level to the district secretary can play a pivotal role in order to transfer our current economy to a higher level.

In the economic crisis prevailed in the country, the government had to limit the filling of vacancies in the public service. Likewise, currently there are around 3000 vacancies of Grama Niladhari Officers who are the main Government Officers who handle the public service at village level. After conducting the exams etc. for the recruitment of this group, we are now looking forward to the recruitment.

We expect to overcome the existing inconveniences and provide a familiar public service through this procedure.

Ministers Harin Fernando, Nalin Fernando, Member of Parliament Sahan Pradeep, Secretary to the Ministry of Public Administration Ranjith Ashoka participated in this event.