Public Service Is The Backbone Of A Country.

Shakila Ifham

January 12, 2024


Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said that Public service is the backbone of a country  during the administrative Grama Niladhari appointment ceremony held at Temple Trees today (2024.01.12).
Speaking on this occasion the Prime Minister stated that most of the government officials forget the responsibility of the Grama Niladhari officer. Not only government officials but also politicians forget the responsibilities of them. The country we inherit, its history  and  the development  was protected by the rural regime that started from the village.
At that time, we were not equipped with an air force, but our kings created defense systems that could protect our four borders. Our rural leaders were the strength for all .
Those leaders were the pioneering strength to begin the development procedure. The country built up with  such a strong leadership moved towards self-sufficiency and created a situation that can surprise the world even today in terms of food and culture.
The facilities available at the Grama Seva Office at that time were very less.  Earlier  there was no digital technology. Necessary steps have been taken to provide you information technology with the ability to systematically transform the Grama Niladhari service to progress. When the financial allocations and relevant decisions are received, the ability to provide and improve more services and to deal with the higher levels of government  administration  will be increased.
Public service is the backbone of a country. Commit yourselves as administrative Grama Niladhari  officials to the responsibility of moving the country forward.
 State Minister Ashoka Priyantha made the following statements at the event –

I think the time has come to leave the divisions behind and move forward with unity. There has been some suspicion among the people regarding some of the investigations and legal proceedings taking place in the public service. That situation must be changed. You, who are newly joining the public service, should build trust with your fellow officers of your institution.

As public servants, you should identify government policies properly. Share that knowledge with subordinate officers. Ask  them to share this information with the villagers. When your responsibilities are fulfilled, the relevant Grama Niladhari  division will be disciplined in all aspects. When such Divisional Secretariats are joined together, the District Secretariats become disciplined. When provinces with such districts get together, we can create a disciplined and proud country.

 Secretary to the Prime Minister, Anura Dissanayake, Secretary to the Ministry of Public Administration, Pradeep Yasarathna, Colombo District Secretary, K.G. Wijesiri and the appointees participated in this event.