Are You Eating An Endangered Species?


Bluefin tuna is an endangered species, and it’s the oceanic equivalent of a tiger, rhino, or panda – yet it is still being served up as expensive sushi in restaurants. In London alone, there are dozens of venues serving up bluefin, although Nobu is probably the most high-profile culprit.

Our politicians have failed on bluefin tuna, they ignore the scientific warnings, and continue to set quotas that are then ignored by the fishermen.
If we want to stop bluefin from becoming extinct in just a few years then we need to act before it’s too late.
You can help to protect bluefin tuna by signing our pledge not to eat it. We will use these pledges to put pressure on the companies still trading in bluefin tuna, and the politicians who let it happen.
We’ve been campaigning on bluefin tuna for years – taking direct action in the Mediterranean where it is being fished, and against the politicians and governments responsible. We have also been putting pressure on restaurants like Nobu, in places like New York, Los Angeles and London, to take it off the menu.
And we can’t do any of this without your help. Once you’ve taken the pledge, please make a donation to support our campaign to save the bluefin from extinction and protect our oceans.
We are succeeding in raising the profile of the issue amongst politicians and the public, and we know that they are feeling the pressure to do the right thing. So please, add your name to the pledge, and tell your friends about it too. Unless our restaurants and politicians know this is an issue people care about – it may end up being too late for bluefin tuna.
As a special thank you for taking the pledge, you will receive an exclusive offer from our friends at London’s Soseki and Moshi Moshi’s Liverpool Street restaurant. Soseki and Moshi Moshi take the responsible sourcing of the seafood they serve very seriously – and were amongst the first of a very select few restaurants to be certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. The offer entitles diners to a complimentary platter of sashimi, featuring responsibly sourced species like line-caught mackerel, pollack, whiting, and dive-caught scallops. If you’re outside London, I’m sorry but the voucher is only good for these London restaurants.