Human Trials For New Coronavirus Vaccine


As coronavirus cases tilt towards 10 million worldwide, UK launches its first human trial for a potential vaccine. There are currently over 120 vaccine programs for the new pandemic virus.

However, unlike previously developed vaccines, this vaccine is an imperial vaccine that uses the RNA code similar to the SARS-Covid-2 virus. It is expected that once injected to host, the synthetic RNA will amplify and instruct the body’s immune system to also make copies of this spike protein. The presence of this spike protein inside the host will train the host’s immune system to recognise the spike proteins alongside the virus particles and fight back.

The vaccination team lead by Professor Robin Shattockinvolves several major universities, including the Oxford university and the Imperial College of London who have started recruiting volunteers to the program this week. Currently, 300 individuals have volunteered to be part of the team. The vaccination program is funded by the UK government (£41million) and donations (£5million). Professor Robin Shattock believes “ If our approach works and the vaccine provides effective protection against disease, it could revolutionise how we respond to disease outbreaks in future.”