Campaigners To Target Total Energies General Assembly


May 29, 2023


A recent WMO report has said that the next five years, between 2023 and 2027, will most likely be the hottest years on record because of heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions largely from burning fossil fuels. According to an estimate made by Greenpeace, Total would emit over 1.6 billion (approximately four times higher than their declaration) tons of CO2eq (carbon dioxide equivalent) annually, making it a significant contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. The planet is heating up and people are dying yet Total Energies continues with business as usual – a business that is the root cause of fueling global heating.

While shareholders plan to celebrate bumper profits, communities impacted by the oil and gas projects developed by Total in Africa, Latin America and Asia are suffering the consequences. For instance, projects operated by Total Energies have been linked to at least 42 attacks against human rights defenders with at least 14 of these in 2022 alone. Evidence of such abuse against any resistance to Total projects is clear in Uganda and Mozambique.

It is time for Total Energies to stop drilling and start paying. A study showed that Total Energies is among the top ten carbon majors that owes reparations for its climate damages. Its share based on the study would be nearly USD 10 billion a year. In 2023, Total Energies earned a super profit of USD 6.5 billion for the first three months alone. Last year, the fossil fuel corporation presented a record net profit of nearly USD 37 billion, double the previous year. It is time to stop Total Energies from carrying on business as usual and driving the climate emergency.