Qatari Innovation: Strategy Hub’s Rise From Georgetown Connections

Intiqab Rawoof

June 21, 2024


At Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q), bonds shared in the classroom often evolve into lasting connections. For Amna Al-Thani (GU-Q’11)  and Haajerah Khan (GU-Q’10), the Georgetown network has been instrumental in the success of Strategy Hub, an innovative Qatari consultancy they launched in 2022. 

Building on Georgetown Values

“Strategy Hub aims to harness local expertise to solve Qatar’s complex challenges,” says Amna, the company’s CEO, who learned about the importance of developing homegrown strategies during her study of international affairs at GU-Q. “Having a nuanced understanding of the context of Qatar and a personal stake in the country’s success leads to lasting solutions,” explains the energetic entrepreneur. 

Drawing from this local expertise, Amna and Haajerah have assembled a talented team of GU-Q graduates and current students who share their passion for changing the world. Amna emphasized that “As a values-driven, women-led organization, Strategy Hub’s purpose is to create a positive impact on both public and private institutions in Qatar. We prioritize growth, learning, and upholding the highest standards of integrity and accountability.”

According to Haajerah, Strategy Hub’s Managing Director, who launched the company with her fellow alumna Amna, the synergy within the team comes from a shared understanding of excellence and service. “We all have a very similar way of thinking, a similar way of identifying problems and solutions. It’s a dynamic, fun environment. And we all want to help Qatar’s development in any way we can.” 

A Unique Approach to Consultancy

By combining global perspectives with local solutions, Strategy Hub fills a crucial gap in Qatar’s consultancy market. Their expertise spans public policy, international affairs, sustainability, and communications, allowing them to deliver evidence-based solutions to high-profile clients.

“What I love about the Georgetown degree is that it prepares you for a variety of different fields and careers,” says Haajerah, who also holds a Master’s in International Business and Policy from Georgetown’s Washington, DC, campus. Pursuing a diverse career as a business leader and successful entrepreneur as the co-founder of real estate platform Hapondo, she attributes her success to the skills and abilities she developed as a student.  

Cultivating Careers with Impact 

Strategy Hub is cultivating a new generation of consultants in Qatar and helping to launch the careers of other Georgetown graduates.

Leen Al Rabbat (SFS’21), one of Strategy Hub’s first employees, connected immediately with the company’s mission: “Strategy Hub embodies the Georgetown spirit of combining ambition with the passion to contribute to the world and to be a part of global change,” she reflects.

Graduating as an honors student known for her exceptional Arabic, Leen has always aspired to build a career focused on meaningful work. “My experience at Georgetown opened my eyes to the magnitude of possibilities for change in the region,” she shares. After gaining experience in Qatar’s public sector, she joined Strategy Hub because it allowed her to work on projects that impact the direction of regional development. “Collaborating with my colleagues, I have been able to apply my knowledge and skills in a meaningful way,” she said.

Shinyoung Kim (GU-Q’23) had many of his first professional experiences at Strategy Hub, transitioning from intern to full-time Junior Consultant after graduation. Reflecting on his journey, he says, “My classes at GU-Q taught me to understand how Qatar as a country came to be and where it’s heading, and at Strategy Hub, I have been able to work on some very meaningful projects that can contribute to that.”

He credits the supportive environment at Strategy Hub and the connections he made at GU-Q for his smooth transition into the workforce. “My professors, friendships, and connection with other alumni helped me become a better consultant and a better colleague,” he adds.

Niharika Pant and Anwaar Malik found their internships at the consulting company to be an ideal professional entry point. “Strategy Hub values what GU-Q students can bring to the table as interns,” says Niharika, who connected with Haajerah at an alumni event, one of the ways GU-Q supports mentorship and professional networking for current students and alumni. 

This supportive environment extends to the leadership at Strategy Hub, exemplified by Amna and Haajerah’s unwavering commitment to their team’s growth. They have embraced every challenge on their entrepreneurial journey as a learning opportunity. With a burgeoning portfolio of consultancy projects completed, Amna states proudly: “Any project that has a tangible, positive impact on the country is one we consider a success.”