Farmers To Increase Paddy Yield While Saving On Seeds, Fertiliser, Weedicides, Etc.

Shakila Ifham

October 10, 2023


The Department of Agrarian Services Development yesterday initiated giving parachute trays worth Rs. 490 million to the farmers free of cost to cultivate 8461 acres of paddy during the next Maha season.
A senior official of the Department said Parachute method is a new technique that can be used to increase the yield of paddy.
“This method can reduce the use of seed paddy by 50 percent, especially than sowing paddy in a field. This method is beneficial for agriculture because it can use a minimum amount of fertilizer, no additional money is spent on weed control, and no need to apply pesticides for weed control, as well as being able to get more yield,” he added.
Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said that despite the country’s financial crisis, the government will provide the necessary financial allocations for the programs to introduce new technology for paddy cultivation.
He said that the government expects to provide free parachute trays to other similar groups of farmers next year. It is understood that these parachute trays can be used continuously for 10 years and to grow paddy during 20 crop seasons.  Some 400 trays are required per acre. In providing these trays, the farmers have to buy one and the government has taken steps to provide three trays free of charge.
The minister added that under this program of providing parachute trays, 3.2 million trays have been planned to be given free of cost to the farmers for this Maha season.