Agriculture Ministry To Employ Police To Protect Egg Sellers From Disruptive Elements

Shakila Ifham

December 28, 2022


The Agriculture Ministry yesterday said that they would obtain Police protection to egg sellers if any group engages in disruptive activities, to artificially jack up the price above the amount the government recommended.
When Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera and Senior officials of the Ministry met poultry producers yesterday they urged that egg prices should be kept at no more than Rs. 55 each.
As the price of chicken eggs in the local market is currently exceeding 70 rupees, Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera, held discussions with several associations including poultry producers in order to provide eggs to consumers at a minimum price.
Discussions were held at the Ministry of Agriculture, where the Minister requested the contribution of these industrialists to control the rise in the prices of chicken and eggs.
The minister said that it is the government’s responsibility to protect the local producer as well as the consumer and emphasized that if the local chicken egg manufacturers do not provide eggs at a reasonable price, they will have to import eggs or buy eggs at a minimum price.
Industrialists who expressed their opinions pointed out that they are still supplying eggs at the price of 49 and 55 rupees, and that a certain group of middlemen have worked to increase the price of eggs by keeping eggs in storage.
However, from the end of this month, the relevant industrialists agreed to supply an egg to consumers at a price of 55 rupees.
At the beginning of the meeting, they agreed to send 20 lorry loads of eggs each day to Colombo to sell them to customers in populated areas, and also to expand the activities to other urban areas as well.
In addition, Minister Mahinda Amaraweera expressed his agreement to provide facilities for selling eggs in the vicinity of all economic centres and Sathosa premises.
 Accordingly, it was decided to implement a work order to the National Livestock Development Board to increase mother animals and hatching of eggs needed by the industry.