Illegal Gem Mining Destroys Gal Oya National Park- Environmentalists Reveal

Kalana Krishantha

October 7, 2022


Illegal gem mining causes to a massive destruction of the Gal Oya national park, environmentalists reveal. In a recent media statement, environmentalist Sajeewa Chamikara alleged that the mining process
being occurred with the blessings of some high-ranking officers of Wildlife Conservation Department.
According to Chamikara,the exact gem mining site located at the forest reserve belongs to the Bibila Divisional Secretariat and Bulupitiya Grama Niladhari Division. The mining site is called “Ulwela Kumbura.”
He pointing out that all those large-scale gem mining sites and other industrial tasks are illegal inside the park because only the permitted visitors can enter to the park to watch animals and environment according to the prevailing law. The environmentalist warns that if those illegal activities continue
within the national park, the Senanayaka Samudraya reserve will be in a massive risk as the catchment area of the reserve is this national park. He further elaborating that the rich biodiversity of Gal Oya park is
highly impacted due to the illegal destructive activities happening inside the park.